100% biodegradable and compostable food-grade WRAPPING PAPERS for Shawarmas, Sandwiches, Burgers,Pastry, Suya, Grills and many more.

Microwavable, easily conduct heat, freezer safe and decorative. With great quality these papers won’t leak or tear.

They are also great as basket liners, basket mat, tray liners and a definite upgrade on the A4 printing paper that has become very popular with food businesses.

Add an elegant touch and modern style to your table decoration with this beautifully designed wrappers with food illustrations.

Our food tissue paper can stand up to the greasiest barbecue or picnic foods, including French fries and hamburgers. They’re also great for baked goods like cookies, brownies and cakes.

Just throw the liners out when done and get rid of the mess. Clean trays, baskets and bowls without washing dishes! Make food service and event catering easy.

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