Useful tips on choosing the right pizza boxes for your business.

Tips on choosing the right pizza boxes for your business

An Italian delicacy by origin, pizzas has gone far and wide to capture the taste buds of people all around the world. In Nigeria, Pizzerias are springing up at just about everywhere you turn to in major cities.

Along with the other factors that you need to consider while setting up a pizzeria such as kitchen equipment , chairs and tables settings, promotional signs and interior ambiance, getting the best quality pizza boxes for your business should be top on your list.

Here are few tips on choosing the right pizza boxes for your business:

Quality – Though characterized by a common name – ”pizza boxes”, there are variations in quality of the production material. The quality of your pizza boxes must guarantee strength and protection during transportation/ distribution, the boxes must be stackable and most importantly have steam holes. You don’t’ want your delicious pizzas to get soggy before it get to your customers and that’s exactly what happens without steam outlets. The boxes must be collapsible and easy to mold. How do you ship 5000 to Lomé from Lagos ? While it is quite understandable that you would want to buy cheap pizza boxes that are cost-effective, you still need to get boxes that adhere to minimum standard of quality. If the boxes that you opt for are rather flimsy and weak, then your business is likely to suffer at the end of the day. Our pizza boxes are manufactured from top quality and carefully sourced corrugated cardboards with two steam holes and great stacking strength.

2. Size: The size of your pan will determine the size of the pizza boxes that you need for your business. You can use a simple home tape to measure your pan from one edge to the other to determine an appropriate fit for your products. This also applies to vendors using pizza boxes for other products such as small chops and grills, its important to determine the appropriate fit for your business to place an order. Our plain pizza box are available in white and brown in the following sizes :-

7” x 7” at 1.5” height
8” x 8” at 2.5” height (windowed)
9” x 9” at 1.5” height
10” x 10” at 1.5” height
12” x 12” at 1.5” height
14” x 14” at 2” height
16” x 16” at 2” height

Custom sizes are available on request at a minimum order quantity.

Price: Often ignored by vendors, the price of the product you want to distribute is a very important factor in choosing the right boxes for your business. For example, It will be short-sighted to distribute a ₦1500 product with a ₦200 profit margin in a ₦280 per unit packaging box. You must have taken all expenses including packaging cost into account before arriving at a price for your product. Here is a cost saving tip – it’s cheaper to manipulate your product to fit, than finding a 100% perfect packaging for your product. It’s cool that you want to sell in a box, but what’s the value of what you want to sell in the box and at what profit margin ?

Remember that your pizza box is not just a tool for you to deliver your pizzas, grills, cookies, small chops and many more; it’s also a great way of promoting your brand. A perfect pizza box is not an easy choice. You have to keep your customers in mind and look for the perfect taste and packaging to stimulate repeated purchases.

Embellish our plain boxes with your corporate stickers or order them custom branded for your business. You can purchase pizza boxes in the sizes above from just a dozen when you walk into any of our eco centers. You can also order them in wholesale on our website to any location. Our pizza boxes are also available on jumia

We look forward to your business.


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